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Stapleton Kearns

Ever since he was a young child he has single-mindedly pursued his goal of being a professional artist. Stapleton considers his true artistic training to have begun in the mid-seventies with the late Boston painter. R.H. Ives Gammell.

"With Ives, in the classical method, I worked on drawing. I drew with charcoal from plaster casts. I did this for almost a year before touching paint. It seemed pure drudgery at the time, but I learned things that I now have the skill to employ. This was invaluable experience."

It was during one of these summers, while in Boston, Stapleton Kearns took his easel outdoors, up on Beacon Hill, and began applying Ives Gammell's lessons to landscape painting.

The engrossing challenges of bringing the vastness of nature to canvas quickly captured Stapleton's imagination. Painting outdoors, communicating the visual poetic beauty of a particular place, remians the focus of Stapleton's artistic expression to this day.

Stapleton's beautiful prizewinning paintings are in hundreds of private collections both in this country and overseas. During the 1990's, a single major American corporation coolected several hundred of his paintings. Stapleton has participated in over twenty-five one man or small group shows during the past ten years alone. He has twice shown in the biannual show of the National Academy of Design in New York City. The American Embassy in Moscow displayed one of his large snow scenes as an example of American painting in the Arts for the Embassies Program. He is a member of the exclusive Guild of Boston Artists and has served for five years as the President of the Rockport Art Association. He takes pride in the fact that his collectors often hang his work alongside the work of some of the great artists of American art history.

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